Hello! We are a small independent game development studio based in Spain. After years of prototyping little games for our own fun, we decided it was time to make our dream project come true, so we are currently working on our first commercial game: Tetsuhiro, the warrior arises. Tetsuhiro is the result of our passion for action games and mecha anime, and we can't wait to show more.

Tetsuhiro tries to capture the essence of fast action games and the spectacle of mecha anime. The robot is capable of many types of playstyles, be it offensive, defensive or a combination of both. Perform melee combos, ranged attacks and if you are in dire help, unleash Tetsuhiro's raw power with super attacks that will crush your enemies in a beat. In addition, Tetsuhiro is also capable of other amazing abilites yet to be unveiled...


Email: contact at gurafik dot com

Twitter: twitter.com/gurafik or @gurafik